Sound & Lighting

AB Productions provides sound re-enforcement for all occassions, from a backyard party to a large scale outdoor event. Our equipment is only shown up by the professionalism of our staff. We are dedicated to creating an event that will not be forgotten. The AB crew provides the best in lightingsolutions.

Rentals for your engagement
2- Mackie SA1531 2-ways (1000 watt, 15″ bass) (Tops)
2- JBL PRX618s 18″ Bass Speakers
2 -Side Monitors, Mackie SRM-450’s
2- Stage Monitors, JBL EON 210p
1 – Mixer, Mackie ProFX8 8-Channel Mixer
1- T-Bar Lighting Rig w/ 1x LED Flower, 2x Accent LED, Strobe
2- Par Cans (64 LED’s) Full Color
1- Stop Sign LED (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
1- LED Light Bar
1- DMX Lighting Controller
2- Chauvet Jellyfish LED
1- Smoke Machine
5- Misc Black Light Accents
OPTIONAL Additional Equipment Available
– Second T-Bar Lighting Rig
– Overhead Lighting Truss
– 8 Par Cans (32 LED)
– BenQ Projector (25 foot wide projection)
– 300″ DLP Projector and Screen
-500 Lumen DLP Projector and Screen
2- Mackie SA1531 2-ways (1000 watt, 15″ bass)
2- JBL PRX618s 18″ Bass
2 – Side Monitors, Mackie SRM-450
2- JBL EON 210p
1 – Mixer, Mackie ProFX8 8-Channel Mixer (12-Channel if required)
LED Lighting Rigs w/ (Lighting Truss (Optional), DMX Controlled Lighting
Jellyfish and Smoke Machine
Jel856 American DJ JellyFish Derby Dmx Light w/ Chauvet H700 Fog Machine
LED Light Bar
American DJ MEGA PIXEL LED Ultra Bright LED Color Bar
Chauvet “Stop Sign” LED

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